Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Unethical Treatment of women in Iraq..

One of the hottest topics in the Middle East, besides the war is the unethical treatment of women. Women rights are being taken away more and more everyday. Let me drop some background history of women rights before Saddam took power. In 1948, Iraq became one of the first Middle Eastern countries to have a women judge. Also in 1968 the Ba'ath party took control of Iraq their main goal was to achieve economic growth in achieving this goal it meant that women were allowed in the work place/force. The government even passed labor and employment job for women in Iraq to protect women rights in the work place. As a result women in Iraq became more independent socially, and financially. Ofcourse women in the work place meant better education for these women which is why the government (at the time) pushed for education in Iraq. Both women and men had to have atleast a primary education (reading, basic education) which in turn would diminish the illiteracy in Iraq. Even though all of these rights given to women was all part of politics, this was the Ba'ath way to achieve their goal which was to remain in power. Though they did help women tremendously. Women were even allowed to run for office something that even in the United States took time to achieve.

Here comes the dawn of the 90's for women in Iraq. Nobody hates the 90's more than women in Iraq. The Gulf War pretty much reversed every right women had achieved and gained in the past. To keep "order" the Iraqi government began their run at amateur magic. What was Iraqi stronghold when it came to their magic act??? Making people disappear. Wives, daughters, and many other female relatives began "disappearing" not because these women opposed the government (which probably some of these women did), but because husbands, fathers, the men in the family opposed it. Which makes perfect sense in a culture where men are so dominant in terms of power one must fear the male society more than the female society in terms of an uprising against the government. So how can the government hurt most these males? By taking away what it seems they would cherish more, not their own lives, but the lives of the women they loved. The government would take these women away and rape, torture, beat, and/or murder these Iraqi women. Saddam took women rights away from them all to achieve his goal of more and more power (like every other dictator). But while i compose this i wander to myself does WAR create opportunity and chances for government to take away rights away from the people they are sworn to protect? Seems like WAR is the perfect excuse for government to take control of their people.

In December 30, 2006 Saddam Hussein was executed by hanging if i am not mistaken this would give women all their rights back!!! Nope, not really. Because of the WAR in Iraq the Iraqi government has become extremely unstable. This mean that the government has no desire or time to try to give atleast some of women rights back, it just won't happen during such a climactic war. I am not saying this is the right thing to do, but maybe just maybe can ending the war in the Middle East atleast in Iraq give back women some of their basic rights? Lets keep our fingers crossed and hope that in the future when this WAR is over women not only in Iraq but all over the Middle East can get and achieve all their rights back.........

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